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Hi everyone! Is it by mail or email? I feel you. Like guitar or home brewing or compulsively checking forums. This is my second and final?

Search Brown University grad school admission results

I applied to one school last time and a whole bunch this time. Based on gradcafe results from past years, it looks like most programs send their acceptances in February, but Michener sends its first round of rejections I guess they go through multiple tiers of rejections in late January. Search the site to get an idea of how your programs respond and when they finally do. Some schools work in waves--early rejections, first pick acceptances, second round rejections as spots fill up, last waitlist offers, and final rejections.

Some take forever to notify of rejections, as in end of March or early April. It can be a mixed bag. I applied previously in for Fall For now, I think no news is good news. As a previous poster said, most don't begin notifications of acceptance until mid-February. But the longer you don't hear after that, likely the worse the news.

But there are definite outliers. Generally, most programs email or call for acceptances. Letters seems to be rarer, less immediate.

Rejections come in as letters, though, or email. Both acceptances for Fiction. I've also applied to:. Reviving this thread because notifications are coming in.

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Anybody heard yet? I got my first rejection from Syracuse yesterday. Received my first rejection from Washington University in St. Louis about a week ago. I applied to Indiana Bloomington and saw a bunch of poetry acceptances on the results page, so I'm assuming another rejection will be headed my way soon.

Creative Writing (MFA)

Based on previous years' results, it seems like most programs don't start sending stuff back until around mid-February, so I suspect this upcoming week is when we'll start to see more activity. I applied to the 5 that I said before. Has anyone heard from them? We got this! I think SAIC has sent out interview notices, based on the results page, but the rest haven't notified. Hang in there. I called into Hamline University in the Twin Cities and heard some decently good news; I'm being seriously considered for admission and it may be a matter of "when" as opposed to "if. We'll see what happens in the near future.

Hopefully good things.

Creative Writing

McGurl, a Stanford English professor, describes the M. Even writers without the degree, writes Mr. We are all M. McGurl and Mr. But it seems to trouble many others, especially aspiring novelists and poets. With so many highly tutored creative writers already out there, is success possible without the instruction and literary connections that are cultivated in M.

And your writing will change, he says, and not necessarily for the better. Detractors like Mr. Shivani say the degree is responsible for so-called program fiction — homogenized, over-worskshopped writing void of literary tradition and overly influenced by the mostly upper- and middle-class values and experiences of its students. Others describe an inherently unfair system that all but requires aspiring writers to attend schools many cannot afford or otherwise access.

They see a self-generating track to the literary establishment, on which the most fortunate jump to fellowships, writing colonies, agents, publishing deals and professorships, where they are indoctrinated into the status quo. Martin, J. John Mandel, who is not only M. With so much seemingly working against it, it is astounding the degree has gained traction at all. But there is another argument, and another list — prominent literary writers and poets with M. The list could go on. And on. Success stories like Ms. Other realities conspire to make the M.

Creative Writing Concentration

Among them: the pervasiveness of digital media and celebrity culture, where anyone with a blog feels like a best-selling novelist-in-waiting; the rise of memoirs, a natural extension of the online selfie writing culture; the popularity of magical realism and noir fiction novels, which have turned many somethings on to literature; and changes in generational attitudes, aspirations and culture. That, she says, goes hand in hand with a focus on reinvigorating urban communities through theater, art installations, food culture and centers for literature and writing.

Jean McGarry, a chairwoman of the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins, says that the teaching of creative writing has taken on even more significance because the way we learn has changed. Evolution in the Hopkins program reflects that. They were mainly writers with material in need of guidance and derailed by career or family, says Ms. McGarry, who earned an M. She sees that as a reflection of undergraduate education that emphasizes specialization and pre-professionalism, with little room for the arts, reading or writing.

Best Master of Fine Arts Degrees

Students have come to expect education to be prescriptive, she says. In , Hopkins changed the program to an M. McGarry says. What the rise of the M. Every program has its own character. Additionally, it provided an enriching connection to the Hispanic community of Southeast Detroit that has helped to shaped my views on local issues. Keep up with current events such as readings and contests by liking the program on our Facebook page. Jeff Chapman chapman4 oakland. Join us on Facebook.

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No experience necessary. The journal is overseen by Prof. Submit materials for publication to The OAR. Readings range from the avant grade to traditional. T he reading series began in ; over the years, we have brought many leading American poets to campus, including those named for Poet Laureate and the Pulitzer Prize. More information, as well as video clips and links to entire readings, can be found here. Alumni are also welcome to attend meetings of the Creative Writing club. For a list of jobs alumni have gotten, click here.

Alix Ohlin @ Chatham University - MFA in Creative Writing Program

Creative Writing. We all have stories to tell and unique ways of viewing the world. Oakland University's Creative Writing program will provide you with the opportunity to develop your craft and share your vision. Our focus on literary history will introduce you to current writers who are producing exciting work in your genre, while also introducing you to the history of your genre, a foundation all writers need. You will work closely with OU faculty members who specialize in poetry, short stories, novels, screen writing, literary nonfiction, comics, and multi-media texts.

Advising Contacts. Program Director: Annie Gilson gilson oakland.


Program Overview. Creative Writing Program at Oakland University The Creative Writing Program at OU allows students to major or minor in four different genres: fiction, poetry, literary nonfiction, and screenwriting. These workshops are small and allow students to work closely with their professors and other creative writing students at OU, building a vibrant community of writers and artists. Majors are also required to take courses in other genres this can include courses in playwriting, offered through the Department of Music, Theater, and Dance, and in creative nonfiction courses offered through the Department of Writing and Rhetoric.