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Love experience - Narrative essay

My first day in school was one of my unforgettable experience in my life. That was the time that I saw a girl standing at the middle of our campus , she was so beautiful and she was like an angel in my eye, she was sitting on the bench with her friends while eating French fries, her smile was like angel and seducing me to get her name, her face was familiar to me. Then after that I checked her background life.

She was a transferee student and also a freshmen student that was the first background that I known. In the next day I saw her in the library reading a Science book and she was alone and no one was talking to her.

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Recess time I saw her in the other building in front of their classroom eating some chips, then I decided to go over to see her face front to front because I never do come near to her, then she saw me pass in her front while looking at her and she also looking at me I think it was 5 seconds before our eyes lose to see each other then after that I saw her talking to his classmates while looking at me and I am so shy that time because I thought there are discussing with me.

Then after that I went to my classroom in the other building I saw my best friend eating his foods, then I talked to him, I said to him that I am in love and he was shocked and smiled to me then he laughed loudly.

Essay on My First Love-Personal Narrative - Words | Bartleby

Binata ka na! Well he smiled at me again then he said that he want to see that girl.

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Nahihiya akong magpakilala eh! Then after that I go home early and lonely while talking to myself and reminiscing what my best friend told me. Then I wake up and it was Tuesday I was ate my breakfast before I go to school.

Sige na nga! Then after that I went to her front while smiling and she was smiling too, and looking in my eyes and I am looking also to her beautiful eyes, I am so nervous that time because I do not know what I am going to do. Pwede bang makipagkaibigan?

Essay on Personal Narrative- My Experience with Love at First Sight

Hindi nga? Overwhelming bliss and a feverish state of trepidation. We all have our own ways to express these feelings with words and body language.

Most of us experience similar sentiments, yet each individual perceives and manifests love with his or her own colorful nuances. Looking back at my own experience as well as listening to people that talk to me about their love-life, I see common threads around this phase of a relationship. Something that most of us develop as a natural part of the process.

Format & Structure

I get it. We want to spend as much time as possible with our sweethearts. We continuously think of them, we can even crave them. At some point though, one expectation seems to emerge: the idea that our partner is… well, OURS. This pattern entails that, in a relationship, we have the right to heavily influence what our partners do, how and whom they spend their time with, and the likes.

Essay on Describing Love

This takes me to the importance of establishing boundaries and clarifying expectations, in any relationship. My generation had models that one would absorb by osmosis from family and community, and from the templates offered by the media predominantly music and television. The romantic ideal of relationships that is still deeply rooted in our culture is a motif that carries several elements of negativity.

So, in love, we fall. We are crushed. We swoon. We burn with passion. Love makes us crazy, and it makes us sick. Our hearts ache, and then they break. So our metaphors equate the experience of loving someone to extreme violence or illness. Does this language help in any way?

It actually makes things much harder than they already are. It paints the picture of human relationship with the dark color of drama. Let me try and offer a different story. This period, with its blooming burst of emotions, energies and vibrations allows humans to tap into the healing power of unconditional love. We are willing to look at another person as inherently beautiful. We can forgive their past. We are willing to embrace their vulnerabilities and imperfections instead of judging them. Seeing the beauty in others, refraining from judgement, forgiving without giving others a free-pass to repeat wrongdoings… these are attitudes, behaviors, mental habits.

With the appropriate education, perspective, practice, they can become the fabrics of our emotional life. They can help us experience the world differently and transform it from the inside-out.