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I admire her because she is a hard worker and a nice person. Someone I admire is my Dad, because he's always there. He's kind, and strict at the same time. He takes care of me, and is a hard worker. Lot's of people ask my dad for help because of how much he knows, and it makes me proud to be his daughter. Just like he gives others help he helps his family out in many ways. First he pays the bills, works to feed us, and gives us life lessons that will stay with me and my sisters forever.

I wan't to be someone alot like my dad since i'm not able to be exactly like anyone. She is 28 years old and lives in Tehran. Maryam is my best friend. I always encourage she in her job. I love Maryam and i wish the best for her. Thanks for your lovely message, Homin. I need to tell you that this website is specially for teenagers aged years old. You are welcome to keep on using LearnEnglish Teens but as you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other.

Major Character That I Admire

But you are welcome to join our LearnEnglish page for adults and post comments there: www. The person I admire in my family is my mom. I not only love but also admire her. Our family is broken family. My parents' marriage ended in divorce when I was 12 years old. My mom has to raise my eleder sister and me alone.

I've never seen my mom said she is tired to raise us throughymy life time. She raise us no one can point us as divorce children.

2. Kindness

She make sure there's no absence for us. Love,care,education,money etc All of them are given us. We didn't have to say we need something. Even she has to work alone,she never lost a chance to care her children. She always picked up when our school finished in the evening. She also helped our school works. She never had absence of coming to our school's parents day,fathers day,mothers day and school parties. She always told bedtime fairy tale before we go to bed.

No one can't blame her and say any bad things about her. My sister finished her high school with high marks and she was accepted by Hong Kong University. Now she is attending Master there. She is eight years older than me. I hope I can be a daughter my mom can be proud. For the above reasons,my mom is my admire person. I admire is my brother. He is a administrative. My brother is slim because he work very hard.

My Father: the Person I Admire Most Essays

Because he is serious but friendly, brave, competitive, hard-working and calm. In my opinion, the qualities that has my grandpa are teaching me to i am better person because when he was 12 years old. He had to work to help his mom. Then, He met my grandma and they together created all that today my family in general have. Finally, I miss my grandpa becuase I study in Gye. Someone I admire is my father Carlos. He's very friendly and brave.

He is tall and fit because he plays soccer since he was ten years old and now too.

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My father is a busy person but he always help me when I have a problem. He listen me and he meets me. Someone I admire is my friend Sarah. She is 15 years old. She lives in New York with her family. She looks like very pretty. Sarah got long height and slim fit body. Sarah study in school year She is very busy now with her study. She want to be a Doctor in her future life. In free time Sarah loves playing Tennis with her friends.

She also love watching movie. In my opinion, I've never seen a perfect person. But I admire at least a positive and honest person about what they do. Take risks and be bold. If you win, you win; if you lose you'll still be wiser. Try new things and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, because every risk, every dare, is a victory over fear.

Don't worry what other people think.

When you let go of worrying about the expectations and opinions of others, you can start standing out from the crowd and working on what's important to you. Embrace integrity-- always. Integrity is central to any admirable life. It's about making sure your words are consistent with the way you behave, and that you're willing to live up to what you expect from others. Treat confidence as a superpower. Confidence allows you to take on any challenges that are thrown at you and shows what you are made of. It's impossible not to admire those who have been through a lot and can still keep moving forward.

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  • Be interested to be interesting. The most interesting people in the world are those who demonstrate authentic curiosity toward the world and people around them. Look around.

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    Pay attention. Ask people to tell you their stories and listen. Not that guy! Timothy wrote: "Ok, the Bible is not history. It is a compendium of powerful stories from all over the ancient Near East, not just Judea--literature--that have influenced our civilization more than any other book Job, a classic especially since he had no idea why he was being tormented by Satan. I don't think blood sacrifice speaking of Jesus is worthy of admiration scapegoating is an ancient tribal tradition of casting out the sins of the people , besides, nothing was actually sacrificed.

    Jesus knew he was Lord and that he would reign in heaven. A few painful hours for the sins of everyone well, not everyone, only those who who believe it actually happened; for the rest, eternal damnation!

    How to Write an Essay about a Person

    Love that bit , that's not a big deal, especially when he knew he would still come back. Abraham had at least 2 other wives, if I remember correctly. Just to elaborate on Abraham, yes I know the angel stopped him, but did the angel stop Jephthah from sacrificing his daughter to god? I hope you remember that particularly sickening story. I also do not believe that might makes right.

    In the OT, this is the message. It's God's way or the highway, be damned if you disagree with slaughtering children and animals along with the men and women.

    Much more than documents.

    I find you reasoning here to be very lacking: "These people were receiving divine judgement by God, the only being capable of not only reading hearts,thoughts and intentions but who could also see what the children were going to grow up to be. It reeks of tyranny. Now, to answer your question, I like Ecclesiastes a lot, so I'm tempted to say Solomon if he wrote it because of my fondness for that book, but otherwise, I'd go with Jesus. I think he had some great things to say. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. While that "golden rule" predates Jesus, it's good stuff.

    I like most of what Jesus had to say minus a few parts. The worship me or suffer eternal torture is kind of a deal breaker, although he really only speaks of hell in parables.