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The next morning, Meg awakes to wonder if the strange events of the night before were a dream. Meg goes to school and suffers the slings of her principal, Mr. Jenkins who tells her that he is sure that she could do better in school if she would only try harder. He asks about her father and Meg feels that he is prying into her private life.

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She snaps at him, defensively. Whatsit has moved into the local haunted house with her two friends. Calvin attempts to lie about his reason for being near the haunted house but eventually admits that he felt like it had a strange pull on him for some reason. Charles Wallace is not surprised by this and invites Calvin to dinner at the Murray house that evening. Inside the haunted house, a woman sits sewing the stolen sheets, and Charles introduces her as Mrs.

by Madeleine L'Engle

Meg later asks Charles Wallace to explain what the women meant, but he confesses that he has no idea. Back at the Murray home, Mrs. Murray is preparing dinner over a Bunsen burner. Before dinner, Meg helps Calvin with his homework, and he is surprised that she is so adept at math and physics work so well even though she is a few grades beneath him.

Meg tells Calvin that her father was a scientist and that he used to play games with her that helped teach her these things. After dinner, Calvin reads to Charles Wallace. Meg sits with her mother in the kitchen and Mrs. Murray talks about missing her husband.

Murray tells Meg that she believes that every mystery has an explanation but that the explanation may not always be clear to us. Meg does not like this idea because she likes to understand everything. She says that she thinks Charles Wallace seems to understand more than anyone else and Mrs. Murray says that she thinks Charles Wallace may be special somehow. Later that evening, Meg tells Calvin that her father was a physicist who worked for the government in New Mexico and Cape Canaveral, Florida.

She adds that he disappeared a year earlier and had not been seen since. Calvin alludes to the rumors that the townspeople have about Mr. Calvin assures her that he never believed the rumors. He holds her hand and tells her that he thinks her eyes are beautiful and Meg blushes. Suddenly, Charles Wallace appears and tells them that it is time for them to leave on a trip to find Mr. Who and Mrs. Whatsit also appear as well as their other friend, Mrs. Meg feels suddenly ripped away from everyone and pulled into darkness. She tries to call out to them but finds that she cannot.

Suddenly she sees them again and Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs.

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Which tell the children that they have traveled to the planet Uriel. Calvin asks how they traveled and Mrs. Because of this, they did not travel but simply appeared in another place. Calvin is so astonished by the creatures beauty that he falls to his knees and Mrs. Whatsit scolds him for unthinkingly worshiping her. The children climb onto Mrs. Below them, they see creatures singing and dancing in a garden.

Whatsit gives the children clusters of flowers the breathe through when the air becomes to thin for them. Whatsit shows the children a view of the universe that no human has ever seen before. Above the clouds, Meg spots a darkness that shadows everything around it, and she instantly knows that it is a concentrated form of evil.

A Wrinkle in Time Book Report

She thinks that it may be what her father is fighting. After Mrs.

The Passionate Politics of “Black Panther”

Whatsit lands, Meg asks her about the black shadow. She is told that her father is trapped behind the shadow and that they are going to help him. Whatsit tells her that the Mrs. Charles Wallace tells Meg that tessering is traveling in the fifth dimension. The first dimension consists of a line, the second is a square, the third is a cube, the fourth is the concept of time devised by Einstein himself, and the fifth is, of course, the tesseract. The Mrs. Meg does not understand this explanation but pretends to anyway.

Suddenly, Meg and the children are tessering again. They travel to a foggy planet where they enter a cave, and Mrs.

Whatist introduces the children to the Happy Medium. The Happy Medium is a happy woman in a turban and satin gown who is holding a crystal ball. Whatsit asks the Happy Medium to show the children Earth, but she does not wish to at first.

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  4. When she does, the children see a vision of Earth that is covered by the dark shadow that they saw earlier. Which tells them that the shadow is a pure evil that they will have to fight. She tells them that there have been many warriors against the shadow, including other humans such as Jesus, da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Einstein.

    Which tells them that Mr. Which, Mrs. Whatsit, and Mrs. Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays Mrs. Murray, who is also a scientist. If "Wonder Woman" set a new bar when it came to seeing women in action on screen, "A Wrinkle in Time" raises that bar further with its cast of brilliant and capable women fighting with their minds rather than a superhuman strength.

    DuVernay and her team honed in on Meg's journey of learning to love herself, making it the most impactful aspect of "A Wrinkle in Time. Meg Murray is an important new young role model for both children and adults. As Meg comes to understand more of the universe around her, and the role she must play in it, her confidence and creative problem-solving grows exponentially. The costuming and world-building brings a stunning and colorful life into a book that has long lived only in the minds of youngsters.

    A Wrinkle in Time made it possible for great artists and religious figures to coexist on the same plane. We need to be told that we are capable and that difficult ideas are not beyond our comprehension. I needed A Wrinkle in Time for that, and I return to it now when I need the confidence to understand concepts that are almost out of reach. This is why many of us return to our favorite stories.


    A Wrinkle in Time movie review () | Roger Ebert

    As adults, we still listen for the voices of our favorite writers and remember a time when they thought we were capable of understanding more. I was a kid, probably seven or eight years old, and two adults were discussing the strangeness of the novel. They made it sound weird and slightly taboo, which made me eager to read it myself. When I finally did, I had to agree that it was weird. I thrilled to the microscopic world of mitochondria and farandolae in A Wind in the Door and traveled into the past in An Acceptable Time I was bored by the more grounded and religion-focused Austin family books — they seemed too goodie-goodie to me — and I was confused by A House Like a Lotus.

    The angel sex in Many Waters flew over my head at the time, but now I find it giggle-inducing and charmingly scandalous.

    Book Review: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

    Selections from the Time Quintet were favorites of mine for years, even as a teenager. When I was offered, out of the blue, an opportunity to adapt and illustrate a graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time , I returned to the book with fresh eyes and did my best to adapt it faithfully. As I wrote the script for my adaptation, I realized her novel was the ideal source material for a comic book.

    It contained a thrilling plot, plenty of dialogue, and very little internal monologue which works delightfully in novels but can be clunky and distracting in comics , and it was sketchy enough on the physical details of the characters and their environments that I could fill in the blanks from my own imagination. Literary types love to pooh-pooh comics and film adaptations, and there are plenty of bad ones, but a good adaptation is like Mrs.

    What if Mrs. Whatsit did make her marvelous statement, and that Fortinbras deserved more page time than any of the humans, save for Meg and Charles Wallace. Childhood magic preserved!

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    4. On the other hand, I was keenly aware of how cloying the dialogue sounded to me now. Granted, I had always found Calvin a bit two-dimensional probably due to my aversion to goody-two-shoes types. What was I responding to so forcefully in these scenes? Perhaps the reason this theme stands out to me so starkly is because the strengths and weaknesses of language are undeniably relevant to our current political situation, so loud and verbose. Words — whether true or false, kind or cruel — can be blasted over virtual platforms, inundating us.

      I think Meg Murry would be proud.