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Many times employers put up hypothetical situations during interviews to evaluate the critical thinking skills of candidates. Critical thinking contributes to a great extent in the sharpening of various skills that are held high by employers in almost every job field. Major skills include the ability to evaluate, conceptualize, interpret, observe, question, reason, communicate, and synthesize information with reasonable conclusions. It is a fact that none of us uses critical thinking all the time to guide our actions. Still you can improve your existing critical thinking skills by paying attention to the following tips —.

When appearing for a critical thinking test, you will be presented with a paragraph of information including data that is both numerical and textual. This set of information will be accompanied by a statement that will ask you to verify the degree of truth in the paragraph with the help of your analytical skills. Usually, such tests include five sections including assumptions, analysis, deduction, inference, and interpretation.

While preparing for critical thinking tests, you need to acquire new information as you will be tested on the basis of your existing reservoir of knowledge.

All you can do is, sharpen your critical thinking faculties by critical thinking test preparation to draw out the most accurate solutions. You can find out how much the critical thinking test actually counts for your job portfolio by examining when it features during the recruitment procedure. If the critical thinking test features at the beginning of the procedure, it mostly accounts to be a priority skill for the employers. The increasing relevance of these tests taken up by organizations can be attributed to the assurance they bring for the highly skilled performance of the selected candidates.

Free Critical Thinking Tests Preparation and Example Questions

Should I practice my critical thinking skills? Passing a critical thinking test, whether at the screening level, interview level, or during an assessment, optimizes the chances of being hired by the particular organization. Hence, it becomes extremely imperative to work for improving critical thinking skills. Remember, you are tested in comparison to other candidates. Overachieving their scores will give you a much better chance in getting the job. Aptitude Tests Critical Thinking. What is Critical Thinking? Why is Critical Thinking so important? Why employers value Critical Thinking skills?

Jobs that use Critical Thinking exercises for evaluation The legal sector is one of the industries that make an intensive use of critical thinking tests. Analytical skills involve logic and reason to understand the dynamics of any problem. Also, they objectively study its pros and cons, and consequently draw reasonable solutions for it. Constituting candidates with sharp analytical skills is an asset for the employers of any job field, making it one of the most sought after qualities for their selection criteria.

Problem Solving — Problem solving is another significant tool that tops the selection agenda of the employers. When a critical reasoning test features as part of an assessment day, it is very unlikely that it will be the main factor in deciding whether you are suitable.

Critical reasoning will just be one of the elements that the recruiter will use, in combination with a variety of other tools they will use to build up a bigger picture of your overall abilities. If however, the critical thinking test appears towards the beginning of the recruitment process, it may be used as an initial screening tool to shortlist candidates. A poor performance during the test at this stage could result in early elimination.

To be successful in a critical reasoning test, you do not have to learn new material or conduct any research, nor will you be asked to draw on your existing knowledge. All of the information that you need to complete the test will be provided at the time. It is simply a case of evaluating the information that you have been presented with. However this should not be underestimated: the tests can be a challenge to say the least.

The most widely used critical thinking test is known as the Watson Glaser.

Watson Glaser Test (WGCTA) – Free Practice & More

If you are asked to complete a critical thinking test, it is very likely to be one called Watson Glaser , which was created by TalentLens and is now the most popular way to measure critical thinking skills. Many believe it to be one of the most successful ways of predicting success in employment, identifying good managers and selecting the most suitable person for a specific job role usually in law.

The latest version of the test was released in , with a number of improvements including Item Response Theory scoring and enhanced face validity. The test was originally developed by Edward Glaser and Goodwin Watson, and was devised as a method of assessing those critical skills required to think in a clear, well reasoned and structured manner. During the test, a candidate will be expected to complete questions based around five key areas mentioned previously.

Practice GMAT Critical Reasoning

If you would like to practise a simulation Watson Glaser test, please try the one below, which was created by JobTestPrep in association with psychometric experts, and is closely modelled on real tests. The test consists of 10 questions to be answered in 10 minutes approx although there is no timer on the test itself.

Our test is slightly harder than the real thing, in order to make it sufficiently challenging practice. Don't forget to first check out the test techniques section further down this page beforehand. You can take the test as many times as you like. Click the 'Take test' link below to get started.

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A Watson Glaser test is designed to assesses your ability to digest and understand situations and information; it is frequently used by law firms. Try these 10 questions as an introduction. To succeed in a critical thinking test, there are various steps that you can take to make sure that you perform as well as possible:. This may seem like an obvious tip, but is surprising how many people skip through the content just to get the question finished.

Failure to read and absorb the information can have disastrous consequences.

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Quickly skimming through the content can result in missed understanding or the omission of key pieces of data. Some candidates may find that reading the question several times can help, but remember these tests are usually timed so you may have to think quickly. Before you attempt the real test, practice as much as possible and if you can, try to find out how many questions there will be so you can plan your time.

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You can always come back to it at the end if you have time. You are then given a number of assumptions and asked if these have, or have not, been made in the statement. Think about the assumptions task above and apply the same logic here. Bear in mind that a conclusion cannot be an assumption. For the interpretation questions of the Watson Glaser test, you need to understand the significance of a piece of information and apply it logically. You are given a short paragraph followed by several suggested conclusions.

Again, you should assume that everything in the passage is true. On this basis, you will assess whether the conclusions given follow on from the information provided. A study of vocabulary growth in children from ages eight months to six years old shows that the size of spoken vocabulary increases from zero words at age eight months to 2, words at age six years. The aim of the Watson Glaser evaluation of arguments questions is to assess whether you can distinguish strong arguments from weak ones. Strong arguments are highly relevant, realistic and challenge the argument given. What does it entail and how can you get yourself one?

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