Essay about advantages of living in the city

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  1. Essay on Advantages of Living in a Big City
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First of all, the thinking of rural citizens is very conservative. They not only restrict their lives but also do not allow other people to live their life with full freedom.

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Next, there is a scarcity of necessary facilities such as the hospital, schools, colleges, jobs in countryside areas. Apparently, the problems of rural areas can be solved if younger generation educates the elderly.

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They should tell them about the recent advancements, ways of living and thinking of people. Slowly and gradually, it will change the mentality of the older generation. Other than this, the government can introduce more advancement in the villages, so the people do not have to look up to the cities for fulfilling their necessities.

In conclusion, rural as well as urban life comes up with its own set of benefits and drawbacks; however, the problems can be curbed with a little bit of optimism. People should reside in the area which they like the most.

Essay on Advantages of Living in a Big City

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To my mind, residing in a big city is not worth all the drawbacks it has.

First of all, polluted urban air leads to respiratory distress and even cancer. All the motor vehicles, factories and plants turn chemicals into poisonous smog that is very harmful for our health. Secondly, high concentration of people and traffic congestions make using transport inconvenient. Every day it takes you a lot of time simply to get to work or take children to school.

City life advantages essay about myself - Discussion

While the rural lifestyle is less stressful, city lifestyle has a lot of people and more opportunities for people. There are some negatives to city life such as stressful lifestyles and fast-paced life which have to be tolerated to live in a good city. Obesity is also high in urban areas because of loss of exercise, but even in rural areas, people do a lot of manual work which helps maintain their stress and obesity levels. People might also know each more personally in rural areas than in city life. Although it is important to think of both sides, this article will focus on the positive aspects of living in a city rather than in rural areas or country.