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This mistaken thought would lead not only them but other people to death. To be stricter so people would follow the laws, I think we should raise the fines for not keeping the laws. For example, people who cross the mid lines, people who pass the red lights, people who litter out the window, and etc. They all should pay the fines with conscience. I saw Malaysian people ignoring the warning stickers on their cars and throwing them on the floor.

They think that bribing the police officer would do the magic trick. Another basic solution we could do is to not drive after drinking. People who get drunk should take a taxi or ask one of their friends to drive them home.

We should place the police officers more often on the roads at night, so people would not drive after drinking. Another thing we can do is to put more cameras on the road to take more pictures of those who speed up over the limit. We can put warning signs of cameras to help the people stay alarmed. Then the teens would not race anymore, and the adults would not drive fast for any reason. All the drivers should have a rest every two hours. People should ride on the trains, ships or airplanes for long trips. Drivers should get enough sleep or rest before they drive.

They should not go for long journey after heavy loads of work. All of these can prevent the fatigue of driving for many hours. We should teach about car accidents, and about its consequences more often in school. So we can show the students how dangerous car accidents can be. The problem would not be solved until the drivers take actions and people take the warnings seriously. Fines and policing would not solve everything because people would only slow down in front of the cameras, and police officers.

They would speed up again when no one is watching. If this continues like this, no one can solve it.

Essay on Road Accidents: Causes and Remedies to Reduce Road Accidents

The solution lies within our conscience and honesty. It was filed under Uncategorized. Good Job Daniel! These illegal car races may kill many people when they crash into each other. Another cause of car accidents is lack of attention. The driver is expected to be cautious of the other cars around him on the road. Some examples of lack of attention that can lead to an accident include cell phones and other gadgets that drivers use as they drive.

Cell phones, laptops, electric razors, etc. Uncontrollable Factors: The third cause of car accidents is the uncontrollable factors. There are mainly two uncontrollable factors that can cause car accidents like the bad weather, sudden health problems and other technical factors like flat tyre, brake failure, overheating, etc. These are all the factors that man has nothing to do with. Man is the victim of these factors. Weather - Something we have little control over is the weather. Conditions such as fog, rain and snow increase the chances of an accident, obscuring driver's sight and making it harder to stop in time.

When driving in bad weather you should take all the recommended and necessary precautions to remain safe.

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Car Accident Causes Essay Examples | Kibin

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