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Older hotel properties are being renovated or expanded to meet market demand. Many job openings will also result from the need to replace workers who retire or move on to other occupations. In British Columbia, trade certification for hotel front desk clerks is available, but not mandatory. In some cases employers may also ask for post-secondary courses in hospitality service or business. On the job training may be provided. Jobs are advertised in a variety of sources including newspapers, magazines and online job sites.

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Many job vacancies are not advertised. You can use company directories to produce lists of employers who employ hotel front desk clerks in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland. Many positions are filled by people who have been recommended by someone they know. Networking, working as a volunteer or registering with a temporary employment agency are good ways of helping you find jobs and meet people in your industry. That means thousands of opportunities for nurses, allied health professionals, patient technicians and, your desired position as a staff member in a medical office.

When you write a cover letter for consideration as a receptionist in a medical office, present your qualifications in a manner that blends health care industry interest and knowledge with your administrative skills. Your introductory paragraph simply states the position for which you're applying, where you saw the job advertised and whether you're including a resume for the recruiter's or hiring manager's review. Some career resources suggest a catchy intro that captures the reader's attention; however, the health care industry is still relatively conservative, so an attempt at humor or an over-excited approach might not be well received.

Keep it professional and straightforward. Describe your work history in the second paragraph.

Summarize how much experience you have in receptionist positions or customer service roles and the industries with which you're familiar. For example, you could write, "My professional career consists of 10 years as a receptionist for County Hospital's outpatient clinic and another three years as a receptionist with secretarial duties for a small law firm where I had extensive interaction with the firm's clients.

Be specific about your qualifications, yet succinct when you list your technology proficiency. You needn't list every software application you've ever used, but if the job posting contains specific programs that are required or preferred qualifications, don't miss the opportunity to include that in your cover letter.

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Knowledge of medical terminology is important for a medical office receptionist position; it could land your resume on the top of the hiring manager's stack of qualified applicants. Briefly state where you acquired medical or health care expertise and how often you use it.

Front Desk Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Confidentiality, excellent customer service and communication skills and the ability to handle sensitive matters with tact are professional traits that any medical office hiring manager will appreciate. Jeffries:" If you can't find a name, substitute "Hiring Professionals," such as "Dear Hiring Professionals:" Place a colon after the name or "Professionals.

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Open with an introduction to you and the hotel. That is, the first paragraph should focus on your interest in the hotel and what you've learned about the hotel. It should explain why you are enthusiastic about the job and how you heard about it. I'm excited to be applying for it, as I have read how much Rattle Hotels values customer service and I am a people-person who loves putting the customer first. For instance, if you noticed that the people working at the hotel are close-knit, you could write, "I can see your hotel values its employees, as well, and I look forward to working with this great group of people.

Lay out your skills to show your relevancy. You've noted what the hotel is looking for in your preparation. In the second paragraph, you must write how your experience is relevant. For every major skill or requirement in the job description, you should match that in your cover letter with a relevant sentence. You could write, "In the past, I've worked with many different types of people at a variety of retail jobs, which helped to develop my interpersonal skills.

I learned to stay calm when dealing with stressful situations by taking a deep breath and thinking about the best possible solution to the problem, which I think will be a huge asset when working the front desk at Rattle Hotel. Include the keywords.

Front Desk Clerk Resume Template — Best Design & Tips | MyPerfectResume

You've highlighted keywords in the description. Be sure to include some of those keywords in your letter. For instance, if you highlighted "enthusiastic" and "hard worker," you could include those in this way: "I'm an enthusiastic about coming to work, as I love people, and I use that enthusiasm to work as hard as I can to please the customer.

Close with a summary. In the final paragraph, make it explicit why you would fit well into the organization. You should also spend a moment asking for what you want, such as an interview. I would be a good fit for your hotel, and I request that you give me the chance to prove that in person at an interview. Thank the person for his or her time. It's always polite to include a note thanking the person for the time he or she took to read your application. For instance, you could close with "Thank you for your time and consideration. Sign the letter.

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Skip a line, and write "Sincerely," After that, skip four lines, which is the space you need to leave for your signature. Spell out your name to end the letter. Proofread your letter. While spellcheck will catch some errors, it's important to proofread your letter before sending it in. Ask someone else to read over it as well, as he or she will catch mistakes that you won't. Having an error-free letter proves that you can communicate well, at least on paper. Tom De Backer. Working at a hotel is an excellent way to get started in your career. These jobs are not to be taken lightly, but don't require a huge amount of skill or experience, either. Highlight your willingness to learn on-the-job, to stay with the company for a while; highlight your work ethic, your positive mindset and enthusiasm.

Everybody started a first job with no experience. Yes No.